Managing Conflict

It is never too early to talk to a JWU staff member about a conflict or concern!

There are many resources and people on-campus who can help guide you through any conflict you are experiencing:


Residential Life

Can provide support when you are experiencing conflict with a roommate or someone in your residential community.


Community Standards and Conduct

Can provide you with various options for resolving the conflict.


Safety & Security

Can provide assistance if a conflict has escalated.


Counseling Services

Can provide confidential support and guidance in the midst of a conflict.

When a Conflict Arises

It may be helpful to take some time to think about these things: 

  • If I were going to tell someone about the problem I am experiencing, how would describe it to them? Is that really an accurate description of what is happening? 
  • What might be the perspective of the other person involved in this situation? 
  • What emotions are impacting my reaction to the conflict at hand? 
  • What would be the most ideal outcome to this conflict?
  • What are some ways that I can work towards a resolution that would be reasonable for everyone involved?