Below are some reasons why you may have a Conduct hold:

  • You did not complete the sanctions you were assigned. All sanctions are listed on the Hearing Outcome notice that your hearing officer e-mailed to your JWU e-mail account after your hearing. Refer back to this form and follow through with anything you have not completed. If you have questions about a sanction, please contact your hearing officer directly.
  • Some of your sanctions may have very specific instructions, to avoid a hold being placed on your account, follow the directions as they are outlined in your Hearing Outcome notice.
  • You did not successfully pass the Alcohol Edu sanction you were assigned. A passing score is a 75% or higher. If you did not receive a 75%, you must take the course again.
  • You did not respond to a request to set up an appointment with a hearing officer. Check your student e-mail account to ensure that you did not miss any e-mail communication from Community Standards and Conduct. If you are unsure why a Conduct hold appears on your account, please contact Community Standards and Conduct.

Paying Fines

All fines must be paid through Student Academic & Financial Services. A receipt of payment must be returned to the Community Standards and Conduct office by or before the sanction is due.

To make arrangements to pay a fine if you are not on-campus, please call 1-800-343-2565.

Please print or keep a copy of documentation that proves that you have successfully completed a sanction. You may be asked to provide copies to Community Standards and Conduct.